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Frequently Asked Questions

Our hotel products frequently asked questions section contains comprehensive and quick answers to frequently encountered questions about our company and our products. To get detailed information, you can also get information from our sales staff.

In-room equipment (minibar, welcome sets, hotel type television, hotel type bed, base, suitcase, iron, scales), Hotel textiles (hand towel, bath towel, foot towel, pillowcase, blanket, etc.), door lock systems, telephones , hotel type safes, hotel type air conditioners, Bathroom equipment (bathroom accessories, hair dryers, hand dryers, garbage bins, etc.), Floor equipment (floor trolleys, housekeeping, waste bucket, waste bags, etc.), Leather equipment (room desk, TV remote control, napkin holder, etc.) Kitchen and restaurant equipment (floor service carts, tea samovar, ice machine, etc.), Amenity materials (Shampoo, hair conditioner, body lotion, soap, shoe polish, make-up cotton, sewing site, etc.), Consumables ( chemical group, surface cleaners, liquid soap, etc.), Hotel project products (hotel signage systems, industrial kitchen systems)

Our company has ISO 9001 Quality Management Certificate and CE certificate. Production is carried out in accordance with European Union norms.

The price list is determined periodically every year. The list is updated throughout the year when necessary, in line with the economic conjuncture.

It is possible to buy wholesale.

It is possible to offer specially designed products according to demand and quantity.

It varies depending on the stock status of the requested product and the location to be delivered.

It varies depending on the product.

Cash, credit card, money order / EFT, customer check / bill of exchange

If there is an error in the delivered product caused by our company, exchange and refund are provided.

To order, you can contact us at hotelurunleri.com.tr or by calling 0212 580 1 590.

It varies depending on location and preferred transportation type.

Stock information is not shared.

There is a two-year warranty on electronic products.

Maintenance and cleaning varies depending on the product.

We have ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 10002, ISO 22716 (GMP), CE and Halal certificates.

Special requests are evaluated according to quantity.

We have discounts for bulk purchases and periodic orders.

We occasionally have collaborations with companies operating in the sector.

You can reach us via our website hotelurunleri.com.tr or by calling 0212 580 1 590.

Samples are sent. Our catalog is available on our website.

Support is provided for products that require installation and assembly. It is subject to an extra fee.

We have special pricing depending on the assembly of the orders.

Although we have warehouse space available, an extra service fee will be charged upon request.

We have ISO 45001 Occupational Safety Standards certificate.

Our delivery time for stocked products is maximum 24 hours. It determines the manufacturing time deadline for products that are not in our stock.

Our website is updated day by day and changes are reflected.

Currently, exports are made to 55 countries.

There are out sourcing companies from which we receive consultancy and service regarding Waste Recycling. Necessary steps have been taken towards sustainability by minimizing environmental impacts.

Cash payment discounts are provided.

After-sales support is provided through the customer representative who made the sale.

The amount of incoming demand determines the course of production.

Our capacity to produce on demand is linked to the amount of incoming demand.

Refunds are not possible for products printed upon the buyer’s request. Electronic products are subject to cancellation and return in accordance with the law.

At every stage of production, the relevant departments complete the relevant process after quality control.

Our company, which closely follows the current trends in the world, offers products and collections that will appeal to new markets and new customers every year.

Price discounts are provided for bulk orders.

When ordering a product that is not in stock, a 50% down payment is taken and the balance is paid upon product delivery.

After the customer approves the offer form, the order is processed following the prepayment. After the production is completed, the remaining balance is collected. Delivery is made by making shipment planning.

Once the order is ready, payment is made followed by shipment.

The export process is carried out by our company. The import customs process belongs to the importer.

We do not have any taxpayer invoices.

Since our company operates with stock in many categories, it does not experience any disruptions in the stock renewal process.

For orders within Istanbul, delivery of highly assembled products is provided by our company’s vehicles, and for deliveries outside Istanbul, delivery fees and transportation insurance belong to the buyer.

Staff training is provided periodically.

Our campaigns are offered on special days throughout the year.

We work with companies that request cooperation through company-specific agreements.

We have sufficient stock and production capacity in case of unexpected delivery or quality.