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HOTEL PRODUCTS TEXTILE TRADE LIMITED COMPANY With about 11 experience, we serve all facilities such as hotels, hospitals, dormitories, retirement homes, social hostels (etc.) with rooms, floors and common use facilities and equipment.

To achieve the targeted result, to offer the most correct solution, to answer the intended education delivery policy. It is rapidly growing and invigorating.

All products of our company’s dealership and sales have the European Union norms CE product. Our basic policy is to comply with international quality and safety standards, to provide the best service and spare parts, to follow innovations and to constantly monitor themselves, to satisfy their hopes.

Choosing our company will be promising in terms of meeting all your expectations at a high quality, comprehensive price.

It is advancing with firm steps towards becoming a world brand, with more than 50 superimposed hotel products today.

Growing by making you happy, we invite you to be rewarded with this pleasure. Our value is ours for you, thank you for choosing us.