kozmetik şişe kapakları

Guest Room Supplies

PL Cosmetics Bootle

You can get the types and detailed information of our cosmetic bottle caps products on our page. You can get information by calling our sales staff for the price list.

Mushroom Bottle Cap – KP 001

Mantar Kapak

Private Bottle Cap – KP 002

Figürlü Kapak

Standard Bottle Cap – KP 003

standart kapak

Tall Bottle Cap – KP 004

Uzun Kapak

Flip Top Bottle Cap – KP 005

Flip top Kapak

Wide Bottle Cap – KP 006

damacana kapak-alt

Short Bottle Cap – KP 007

Geniş Kapak

Metal Bottle Cap – KP 008

Metal Kapak

Wide Flip Top Bottle – KP 009

Geniş Flip top Kapak

Special Flip Top Bottle – KP 010

Kapak Özel Flip top

Queen Bottle Cap – KP 011

Vezir Kapak
kapak renkleri